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8:31am on Thursday, 14th April, 2005:



Well it turns out my dad's broadband isn't broadband: he can get broadband, but his computer doesn't get on with it. It doesn't get on with most forms of dial-up, either (something wrong with the motherboard). The ISP he's signed up with is an outfit called Firefly, which does work for him but would entail installing some dialling software for me to use it (like I'm going to do that). So I am indeed Internetless for the next few days. I'll keep writing QBlog, but it won't contain many off-site hyperlinks.

Needless to say, my browser instantly detected that I was unable to connect to the net, so when I cranked it up to look at my local copy of QBlog just now it attemped to launch into the Microsoft update service. It does that so many times when I'm not connected that I suspect it's deliberate...

Still, at least my dad's Earl Grey is good!

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