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6:57pm on Tuesday, 13th December, 2005:

Soapy Hand


Usually in public lavatories it's the soap dispensers that are out of soap. Today, it was the tap that was out of water. Unfortunately, I'd already grabbed a huge dollop of soap, which left me with something of a problem: how do you get soap off your hand with no water?

I didn't fancy diving my hand into the water in the toilet, and although there was a cistern the lid had been bolted on (do they regulalry steal cistern lids in Scotland?). I had to resort to wiping the soap off with toilet paper, which of course wasn't up to the task. This was all while there was a taxi waiting to take me to the airport.

Well, I did find a solution, but I'm reluctant to say what it was for fear of prosecution. Let's just say that if you get into a sweet-smelling Glaswegian taxi, be careful where you sit.

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