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7:54am on Wednesday, 13th April, 2005:

Biscuit Packets


Biscuit packets come with a strip tab that you can pull so as to open them up. Yay for biscuit packets! No more awkward unpeeling or reaching for a sharp knife.

Except why do the manufacturers put them so far down the packet?

I recently bought a packet of McVitie's Orange Chocolate Digestives. There were 18 biscuits in the pack, and the strip tab was 4 biscuits down. That's over a fifth of a packet! Why do they do that?

Well the answer, of course, is to make you eat more biscuits. If you open the packet and there are 4 in the "lid", you're tempted just to scoff those 4 there and then rather than leave them balanced precariously on top of the remainder until their time comes. Obviously you wanted at least one, otherwise you wouldn't have opened the packet; what's another 3 in the great scheme of things?

When you bake 450 every second, quite a lot I should imagine...

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