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9:54am on Sunday, 13th February, 2005:

Rewritten History


The bad guy in Beyond Divinity is Samuel the demon (Warning: localisation failure). At the end of the "first act", he said: "I PARTICULARLY LIKED IT WHEN YOU GAVE THE GUARD THE RUM".

No, Samuel, I didn't give the guard the rum. I had to look in a walkthough to find out what you were babbling on about. In so doing, I also found I'd lost out on some content.

On arriving in what is basically a dungeon, I'd been advised by my death knight companion to disguise myself as one of the gaurds. I'd chosen to ignore this, because the armour I'd have had to wear to do that wasn't as good as what I already wore. Consequently, I was attacked by every NPC I met and racked up experience points galore. I was supposed be in disguise so I could talk to them and get quests for experience points. Actually, what I would have done was to get the quests off them then taken off my disguise and slaughtered the lot. Blast!

I knew I'd made a mistake by not donning the disguise, but I really hate this ploy. I didn't like it in Baldur's Gate or Temple of Elemental Evil and I don't like it here. It turned out that only two sections of dungeon were inaccessible to me (because no-one I killed had the keys), but it was a little too late to do anything about it by the time I realised that the "wear a disguise" thing was expected for two entire dungeon levels.

So although I found the rum, I didn't give it to the guard to bribe passage. I got past the guard by taking his head off. This is how I accessed the content that the designer used as a flag to be mentioned in Samuel's speech.

Mutter ... grumble ...

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