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9:04am on Friday, 12th August, 2005:

No Dice


I bought some new dice yesterday.

To boost my ongoing attempts to create a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for my daughters (which I will hopefully complete before they leave home), I thought I'd get some more D20s and D100s, the ones I have at the moment being somewhat venerable. I was in Colchester with my daughters yesterday, so I went into my FLGS and looked for some. I couldn't see any, which was a surprise given that this is a shop that stocks a ton of D20 product, so I asked the shop assistant. She produced two trays of dice.

Well, they were impoverished. Not if you were looking for D4s or D8s, but if you wanted D20s, well, they had three (all with flaked paintwork on the numbers). They did have some D100s, but few matched: the only ones where I could get a tens die to match the units die were the black pair and the white pair. It was a shame, the red and blue ones looked pretty good.

Anyway, I bought 5 dice, for £1.25. The following conversation ensued:

Younger Daughter: Why are you buying more dice, Dad?
Me: You can't have too many dice.
Shop Assistant: I have 400 at home!
Me: (to camera) That explains where there are so few in the shop, then. (to Shop Assistant) Do you arrange them in order of luckiness?
Shop Assistant: And look what I got for my twenty-first birthday! A necklace with a dice on it!
Me, Younger Daughter, Older Daughter: (together) Die! It's a die!

It's good to see that my efforts to educate them in the ways of gaming have had some effect.

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