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6:55pm on Friday, 11th February, 2005:

Dark Thoughts


I was driving home this evening after having dropped my daughter off at her school play. I was on a country road with no street lighting, it was dark, and it was getting foggy. Just as I approached a curve, I saw a boy of maybe 12-14 years of age riding a bicycle in the opposite direction. There were no lights on the bike, he had no helmet, and it didn't even look like the bike had a mudguard. He was just this shape that loomed suddenly in my headlights as I went past.

If he'd been on my side of the road, would I have seen him? At that point, yes, but another 50 metres along, the other side of the bend in the road? Not until very late. If there had been another car coming in the other direction, momentarily dazzling me, he could have been a gonner.

I passed perhaps 6 cars going the opposite direction to me in the next couple of minutes. I just hope they saw him. Even more, I hope one of them stopped, got out and told him in no uncertain terms what a damnfool idiot he was.

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