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8:35am on Monday, 10th January, 2005:

Happy Birthday to Me


It's my birthday today. I'm 45. Is this some kind of record?

Speaking of which, when my wife's radio alarm goes off every morning BBC Radio Essex is always playing a piece of music that is somehow connected with the date. This usually means it's by someone who is born on that day, which is bad news for me because the prime candidates are Rod Stewart and Johnnie Ray. I'm not any kind of fan of either of them (although my mum's diary from when she was about 14 has Johnnie Ray's birthday marked in it in big letters, so I have to accept that some people like his maudlin music).

I was therefore somewhat dreading being woken up this morning by either of these recording artists, and BBC Essex being what it is I was unlikely to hear the other singer I knew of born on January 10th, Pat Benatar. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to be stirred from my slumber by a track I'd never heard before from one Jim Croce. The name seemed vaguely familiar (if not the track), and a quick trip to Google showed why: it turns out he wrote and performed I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song, which is a song I particularly dislike (great tune, disfigured by cringe-making lyrics). Let's hope BBC Essex doesn't give us a shot of that this time next year.

Another person I share a birthday with, this time rather admiringly, is programmer Donald Knuth. I don't know what his singing voice is like, but I'm fairly sure it'll be easier on the ear than Rod Stewart's.

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