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8:34am on Wednesday, 9th November, 2005:

Civ4 Minimum System Requirements


OK, so after having my PC die on me yet again when Civ4 sat around for 10 minutes in blocked i/o mode thrashing my defragmented-to-appease-it hard drive, I gave up. There's no point running it until someone gets around to fixing the graphics, memory leak (oh, didn't I mention the memory leak?), stuttering sound and cheatable gameplay (eg. trading uranium to civs barely out of the medieval age with no idea what the stuff is).

I did, however, have one last look around to see if I could find some way of getting it to run on my laptop without blacking out all the terrain. Amazingly, I succeeded! It turns out that there are some alternate drivers available for the NVIDIA GeForce 4 440 GO that's in my laptop, downloadable from a company called Omega Drivers. I downloaded them, they worked, and last night I had 5 hours of uninterrupted play.

The minimum specifications for Civ4 on the box read: 1.2GHz P4, 256M RAM, 64M video card. The recommended specifcations are 1.8GHz, 512M, 128M. What you actually need is 3.2GHz, 1G, 64M, plus a set of tuned drivers from a company you never heard of until today.

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