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1:38pm on Sunday, 9th October, 2005:

12 Days in a Another World


Today, I head back to England after some 12 days in the USA.

America is like another world. If it weren't for the fact it's real, I'd say a virtual world.

Imagine the magazine article.

"By day, he's a lowly visiting professor in small Department of Electronic Systems Engineering in a quality, provincial university. But at night, he sits down at his computer, flies across the Atlantic and becomes Richard Bartle, level 100 metamancer. His high-level guild mates solicit his opinion and bounce ideas off him; newbies come up to him and ask to shake his hand merely so they can say they have met him. He speaks, and people listen to his munificent words; the great and the good seek his advice and favour, and he responds with nuggets of guru-like wisdom. He's the highest-level character in the game, because he's been playing for so much longer than anyone else. Then, he logs out, flies back across the Atlantic, and is back to being a nobody again."

I can see how people find "these places" so compelling.

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