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9:49am on Friday, 9th September, 2005:

Of Course, She's my Wife


I'm supposed to be in Genoa today.

I was supposed to be in Amsterdam on Friday/Saturday last week, but they changed the venue to Genoa. Luckily, I hadn't bought my flight tickets. Then, they moved the meeting back a week. I held off buying the flight tickets in case they moved it again, but when it came to ordering them I realised that they hadn't moved it back a week, they'd moved it back 6 days. It was Thursday/Friday, not Friday/Saturday. I couldn't make Thursday/Friday, so had to pull out. Then, they rescheduled the meeting to Friday/Saturday, saying that it was because some people couldn't make Thursday/Friday. Unfortunately, by then I'd already told my wife I wasn't going and the "Richard is going away" arrangements had all been rescinded. Even more unfortunately, it turned out that the "some people" who couldn't make the meeting on Thursday/Friday consisted of just one person, me. Augh! If they'd said that straight out, I'd have asked them not to bother rescheduling.


I feel a music hall joke coming on:

My wife's just been to Italy.
Your wife's just been to Italy?
Of course, she's my wife.

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