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5:14am on Wednesday, 9th March, 2005:



San Francisco is one of the most beggarful cities I've ever visited. There are beggars everywhere. I walked back from a get-together in a nearby hotel just now, and was accosted by beggars every 50 yards. They have more interesting patter than in London (and don' t have the Scottish accent most London beggars seem to adopt), but there are just so many of them. Being a hard-hearted, granite-souled individual, I never give to beggars. Just as well here, or I'd have no money left.

The walk was a little scary at times, partly because I got a tad lost but mainly because of the beggars. If I'd come back at 11 rather than 8:30, I suspect it would have been a lot worse. I was armed with a bag full of books, so I could perhaps have fought one of them off, but if they'd banded together...

I'm so glad there's no such thing as a beggar's guild in real life.

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