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4:10pm on Wednesday, 9th February, 2005:

Dental Pain


My long-running quest to get a decent palette to replace the tooth I had extracted on Christmas Eve is progressing. Today, I had 3 impressions taken at the dentist's: upper teeth, lower teeth, bite. This is so that the people who make the palette can have fun coming up with something that holds the false tooth in place while allowing me to touch my molars together.

My appointment was at noon but I didn't get in until more like 12:40. The dentist apologised for the delay, but I don't think I replied with the correct degree of understanding: when it came to making an impression of my lower jaw, she put her whole weight on the plastic mould with the plasticky stuff in it. Ye gods! It was agony! It dug right into the soft tissue of my lower mouth, causing me to howl with pain as tears tumbled down my cheeks. "We have to use the same size for all jaws", she said. Fair enough, but did she have to do press-ups on it? I've had less painful extractions!

Next week I go back to have a wax plate fitted. If that works, they'll make it into a real plate. If it doesn't work, I'll just have to hope my dentist doesn't decide to take a chisel to my jaw so "Ha! It works now!"...

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