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7:57am on Monday, 8th August, 2005:

Flap Booklet


My elder daughter found something I made for her last century, one of dozens of them that she had somehow contrived not to throw away. I don't know what these things are called, but they're booklets with flaps so "flap booklets" will do.

You get a strip of paper and fold it into three. You cut the two thirds at the sides in half horizontally. Then you write stuff on them or draw pictures or whatever. Here's the front of the one my daughter found:

Translation: "Kellog's Corn Flakes" "The tastiest breakfast food!". Yes, I know I mis-spelled KELLOGG'S...

Here's the back:

Translation: "Fison's Fertilizer" "Kills weeds and makes flowers grow" and "Persil Washing Powder" "Keeps your clothes smelling fresh".

When you make it, you can flip the flaps over and create amusing combinations:

If you like, you can do a second set of panels and put them on the other side to the first set. I didn't do that here because the paper I was using wasn't all that thick and you could have seen through it.

Hmm, all I need is an artist, a manufacturer and a distributor and I could sell these to schoolkids...

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