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1:17pm on Saturday, 8th January, 2005:

Gee, Thanks Sainsbury's


I went to Sainsbury's today for our weekly shop and discovered they'd moved a whole bunch of stuff around. Christmas stuff had been taken off the shelves and replaced by ordinary goods that used to be elsewhere.

This is particularly annoying for me because my shopping list is in sections. I have all the things I usually buy written down on a list that doubles as a map of the store. This means I can buy everything in a section and move on to the next section without having to backtrack if I miss anything. The first section looks like this:

Dips            ( )
Strawberries    ( )
Apples          ( )
Pears           ( )
Bananas         ( )
Potatoes        ( )
Onions          ( )
Garlic          ( )

The ( ) bits are so I can make a mark if I need to buy them this week.

Dips weren't where they should have been. Instead, there were supplies of Yoplait to such an extent that I can only imagine they must have been over-ordered — no way will they sell all those. The dips were over where the milk was; the milk was where the cheese was; the cheese was where the eggs were; the eggs were where the cerelas (well, the fruity/nutty ones) were; the cereals were where some Christmas goods were.

Now I have to change my map, and I just know they'll mess it all up again within 2 months. The only reason I shop there is because Asda messed up my map when I shopped there instead.

Hmm, maybe I'll check Asda out again: by now, they might have put everything back to where it was when my map worked.

[See Terra Nova for a virtual world take on this].

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