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3:59pm on Thursday, 7th July, 2005:

Underground Network


So, in an effort to make us all turn to Allah, al-Qaeda has planted bombs in London. That's really going to do the trick, guys...

My wife is currently in her office, waiting to find out when the overground trains are going to start running again so she can come home. The IRA actually car-bombed her office once, so she's been here before. Given that earlier IRA bombing campaign, and the fact that during the Blitz more damage was done every single night in raids, the British are pretty phlegmatic about this kind of thing. It's tragic that 30 people or more have died so senselessly, but no-one with the remotest concept of how British culture operates would ever imagine that this would do anything other than steel us in our resolve.

So much for "know thine enemy".

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