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3:30pm on Thursday, 7th April, 2005:

Journalistic Standards


The headline of today's Independent, accompanied by photos of Tony Blair and Michael Howard, is: "So who do you trust?".

Whom! It's "So whom do you trust?". Not "who", "whom". It's quite simple to remember: imagine that you are the answer to the question and consider whether you'd say "me" or "I" in your reply. Replace the "wh-" word with "whom" for "me" and "who" for "I". If you can't remember, use the fact that "whom" ends with the same letter that "me" starts with as an aid.

"So wh- do you trust?" would be answered "I trust me", therefore the question should be: "So whom do you trust?". "So wh- is the Prime Minister" would be answered "I am the Prime Minister", therefore the question should be: "So who is the Prime Minister?".

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