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6:56am on Monday, 7th March, 2005:

Flowers in my Hair


I'm flying out to San Francisco today, for a week at the Game Developers Conference. This will be my fourth trip to the city, but the previous ones were only a day each. This one is for five days.

The last time I was there, in about 2000, I sprained my ankle running down a set of stairs, snapping a tendon in my foot that took about 6 weeks to heal. On that occasion, not only was I in San Francisco for one day only, I was in America for one day only: I flew out, went to the hotel, slept, woke up, sprained my ankle, went to an all-day meeting, went back to my hotel, slept, woke up, and flew home. Because I was "only there for a day", I didn't bother to take out any travel insurance. This was a certain guarantee that something dreadful would befall me.

This time, I do have travel insurance, on a yearly plan that covers me wherever I go. Unfortunately, I have an uneasy feeling that it runs out on the day of my flight home. No running down staircases on Friday for me, then.

I'll endeavour to keep up my QBlog entries while I'm away, but I don't know what my Internet access will be like. If the blog is not updated for a while, it's not because I'm not writing it, it's because I'm not uploading it.

Either that, or I've had an accident.

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