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6:57pm on Monday, 7th February, 2005:

Beyond Inanity


When I get killed in Beyond Divinty (which happens a lot), it tells me: "GAME OVER PRESS ESCAPE". When I do, then try to reload from my last save, it asks: "SURE YOU WANT TO LOAD AND LOSE THE CURRENT GAME?". What current game?! You just told me it was over!

I liked Divine Divinity enough to play it through twice before lending it to my niece, but Beyond Divinity is testing my patience. It opens with a tiresome dungeon crawl, and I've reached a point on level 5 or something where the monsters I have to kill (four level 5 skelton mages — my two characters are level 4) are too tough for me. Not to worry, though! If the game gets too difficult, the manual says I can simply visit the "battlefields". These are pocket universes where all the content is randomly generated, so I can pick up some experience points and go up a few levels, maybe buy myself some better armour and weapons, then come back and break the skellies to bones.

Yes, well I could do that if I had a battlefield key. I don't have one. Turns out it was on the first level but I missed it. The way back is blocked.


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