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3:21pm on Tuesday, 6th December, 2005:

Queue Rudeness


A woman pushed in front of me for the queue to the cashpoint today. There are two Lloyds ATMs at university, one of which was broken, so I and someone else were waiting for our turn with the good one. This girl came along, looked at the dead machine, then asked the woman who was withdrawing money from the good machine whether she minded if she went next. Well no, obviously she didn't mind — she wasn't next in line!

The pusher-in ignored all the signs of disapproval being made by me and the person behind me. Well, that's not quite true: she knew we were unhappy, but she chose to carry on with her antisocial behaviour anyway. She seemed quite smug about it, until it came to picking up her money. The machine did everything as it should do, except for producing actual cash. The screen told her to take her cash, but there was none there to take: it debited her account without providing any money. She was down £40 just like that. Even better, she was down whereas if she hadn't pushed in it would have been me who had to go to the bank and complain. A shame she had no witnesses, either, as I and the person behind me headed off to the Barclays machine instead. If anyone from Lloyds finds this QBlog entry and contacts me to try confirm the pusher-in's story, well, I'm sorry, Lloyds, but for the purposes of providing evidence I've made up the whole story. The same applies if they identify me from CCTV camera pictures.

So perish all who stand in my way.

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