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8:12am on Wednesday, 6th July, 2005:

Lucky me


Extracts from an email I received this morning:

This is to notify you that you have been choosen By the Board of Trustees
of the above International charity organization based in the Italy as one
of the final Recepients of a Cash Grant/Donation for Educational,Economic,
social and Research developments in your community.
Based on the random selection exercise of internet websites and millions
of Super market cash invoices worldwide,you were selected among the lucky
recipients to receive the award sum of US$850,000.00
(eight hundred and fifty thousand United states Dollars) as charity
donations/aid from the Vittorio Foundation in accordance with the enabling
act of Parliament.(note that your email was selected from either the
internet,after absolute viewing of your profile or a Shop's cash invoice
around your area in which you might have purchased something from)
You are by all means advised to keep this whole information confidential
until you have collected your donation,to avoid double and unqualified claim,
due to beneficiaries informing third parties on cash grant donation.
Executive Secretary- Mr. Riccardo Migone
Email: migone_fdv@lycos.it

The quirky spelling, the bold capitals, the listing out of the amount in words, the urgency to keep
it confidential, the generic email address: why do they all follow the same pattern?

I think I have the answer:

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