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8:18am on Tuesday, 5th April, 2005:

Through the Net


The combined efforts of Norton Antispam and my own MS Outlook rules dispose of most of the thousand or so pieces of spam I receive each day, but some still makes it through. One I received this morning was quite opportunistic: can it just be a coincidence that it had the subject "Stay at historic hotels in Rome"? It's not like Rome is in the news or anything...

I'm also getting more and more pieces of spam that make some attempt at customisation. These usually involve an offer of "link exchange", and use web spiders to pick their targets. Here's an excerpt from one from I got this morning:

I took a look at your site a couple of hours ago...
and I want to tell you that I'd really love to trade links with you. I
think http://www.mud.co.uk/richard/hcds.htm has some really good stuff
related to my site's topic of heart and would be a great resource for
my visitors as it deals with some great aspects of heart that I'd like
to give my visitors more information about.

The sincerity, the personal touches, the praise, the irrelevance...

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