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10:50am on Saturday, 5th March, 2005:

Silver Rings


I'm still plodding through Beyond Divinity, playing the odd game of Civ3 Warhammer Fantasy in between. One of the things about Beyond Divinity is that it generates a lot of treasure randomly. Typically, the name it gets has some kind of base type (eg. Ring) and some kind of indicator if it's valuable (eg. Silver) plus some descriptor saying what it does (eg. "Tutor's" if it raises the wearer's intelligence). Unfortunately, some of these don't reall work together: I don't know how a "Bone Belt" would work, for example ("bone" being the signifier that it gives the wearer some defence against bone attacks, ie. undead).

At the moment, I have 6 silver rings:

I think maybe they have some tweaking to do there.

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