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4:33pm on Wednesday, 5th January, 2005:

Efficient National Insurance Personnel


I got a letter from the National Insurance people last year telling me I'd underpaid my NI contributions for 2002/03 by something like £342. I had to decide whether to send them a cheque or suffer a reduced pension instead. They recommended I ask for a pension prediction, so I did. I was warned that this could take up to a month, but I got a reply within days. Verdict: it was worth my paying the £342 shortfall. OK, so I sent them a cheque on 3rd December.

Today, I received a letter dated 13th December, reading as follows:

We wrote to you previously to tell you that it appeared that you hadn't paid or been credited with enough National Insurance contributions for the tax year 02/03 to count towards your State Pension.

I am pleased to tell you that your record has been up-dated and now shows that there is no shortfall for the tax year 02/03. This means that you have enough contributions for that year to count towards your basic State Pension.

Does this mean they cashed the cheque, or that they realised that I didn't need to send them the cheque in the first place?

I'm all for plain English, but I kinda like it to tell me something.

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