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10:25pm on Tuesday, 4th October, 2005:

Rug People


I went to the United Nations building today. The tour guide asked us all lots of speculative questions ("how much do you think it costs to manufacture a landmine?" while we were standing next to a sign saying it cost $3, that kind of thing), and side-stepped the one question I asked her ("why are all you tour guides from China?"). Still, it was very enjoyable; I wasn't expecting to get to see the inside of the General Assembly hall, but I did — and I'd have seen the inside of the Security Council room, too, if it weren't for those pesky kids, er, I mean if it weren't in sitting.

Here's a portrait they have hanging up of Kofi Annan:

There are portraits of his predecessors, too. My photo looks a little blurry because it's not a painting of him, but a carpet. That's right: each thread of the carpet is like a pixel on a computer screen. Here's a close-up of Kofi's moustache to show you what I mean:

I can't believe that computers weren't involved in the manufacturing process somehow, but still, it's very impressive.

These tapestry portraits are a gift to the UN from Iran. I don't know how it squares with that non-representational art thing Islam has, but if the crafters who made it burn in hell as a result, well, they can do so in the knowledge that they did a good job.

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