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1:22am on Tuesday, 4th October, 2005:

It's the Preciseness...


The sign in the restaurant in Little Italy where I just ate said: "Occupancy by more than 221 people is dangerous and unlawful".

So 221 people isn't dangerous but 222 is? What if they're all skinny, would that still be dangerous?

I think the key word is "and". 222 people is the point at which occupancy is unlawful, determined using whatever criteria from outer space they use to arrive at these figures (it certainly wasn't number of tables — the restaurant could handle 100 diners, tops); therefore, it could well be that, say, 105 people is dangerous but only 222 people is dangerous and unlawful.

Maybe they should just go with "Occupancy by more than 221 people is unlawful"?

The calamari looked dangerous, mind you.

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