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5:57pm on Wednesday, 4th May, 2005:

Once and Future MP


I was waiting outside the school today to pick up my younger daughter, when who should show up but Bernard Jenkin, our MP until parliament was dissolved and our MP again as of the results of tomorrow's election.

He's a Conservative, on account of how his father was also a Conservative MP, and he isn't exactly to the left of the party. Nevertheless, I have to say he's a very good local MP who has done a lot to help address local issues. If there were any danger of his actually not winning back his seat tomorrow, I might actually consider voting for him. However, there isn't, so my vote will be going to the party most aligned to my views, the Liberal Democrats.

I didn't speak to Mr Jenkin this time, but I did the last time he showed up at the school canvassing (which — gosh! — was the day before the previous general election). Back then, I told him pretty much what I've just written above: he'd perhaps get my vote if he actually needed it. He was a bit worried at the time that he might indeed need it, but of course he didn't. I took the opportunity to mention that I was in favour of proportional representation, but being bound by Conservative policy he wasn't going to offer it to me on the spot. It will nevertheless be interesting to see if Conservative policy changes to be pro-PR when they get slaughtered at the polls tomorrow for the third election in a row.

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