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6:08pm on Friday, 4th February, 2005:

Always On!


My broadband woes look to be over!

Acting on advice from two readers of this blog (Eddy Carroll and Viktor Toth), I ditched the USB modem that came free with my ADSL connection and replaced it with an ethernet version. Now, not only can I connect to the net whenever I want, but so can every other computer on our house LAN. Yay!

Installation was very smooth, although naturally I declined to "register your product now", given that the software that asked me to do this was the very software that I would need to use to connect to the Internet...

Only two minor glitches. The first was the outright refusal of the USB modem software to die, despite my uninstalling of its drivers. The BT Yahoo! stuff that came with this modem did die, albeit under protest, but the modem hung on tenaciously. Eventually, I had to kill some stupid process it kept running in the background the whole time and then delete the files manually.

The second glitch was related to the first, in that initially I uninstalled the drivers for my PC's internal modem instead of the drivers for the USB modem. Doing so gave the most honest post-uninstallation message I've ever seen: "You must restart the system to preserve registry corruption".

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