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12:23pm on Saturday, 3rd December, 2005:

Snow in Dubai


There's an article in The Independent today about Dubai's Snowdome. It's the third-largest in the world (it would have been fourth-largest but one in Tokyo was demolished for not making enough money to cover its running costs).

Needless to say, keeping 22,500 square meters at -1.4C in a desert uses rather a lot of energy, which brings me to why I thought I'd mention this. The article quotes Friends of the Earth as condemning the project as follows:

"This is an incredibly wasteful use of resources and it will have a big impact on the environment. It is a very short-sighted investment. With the era of cheap oil over, will they even be able to sustain such a huge use of electicity?"

Hmm. Let's see now. Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates, which last year was the sixth-largest oil-exporting country in the world averaging 2,330,000 barrels a day. I don't think they're going to worry about expensive oil, given that they're floating in the stuff and the higher the price is the more money they make anyway.

Way to go, FOE...

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