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3:31pm on Tuesday, 3rd May, 2005:

Feeding Time


Today, I finally got around to adding RSS feeds to Qblog:

QBlog091.rss for RSS version 0.91;
QBlog.rfd for RSS version 1.0 (RFD);
QBlog20.rss for RSS version 2.0 .

Each feed only stores the first paragraph of any entry, and any HTML tags that such text might contain are converted so they look like [this] rather than <this>. The QBlog latest entries list has increased in size from 10 to 15, so as to match what the RSS files reflect.

I tested the new feeds via http://rss.scripting.com and they seem to pass muster. That's not to say they'll do that 100% of the time, of course...

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