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11:51am on Thursday, 3rd March, 2005:

Progress Tests


It turned out that today was the day I had to invigilate the progress test for EE114. Although it's billed as a progress test, what it actually tests for is lack of progress. The students who have been paying attention won't have had much of a problem with it (some of them finished 15 minutes early — that's half the time they had to do it in), but it should flag up those who are struggling.

Well, that's the theory. I was a little concerned that there were some very unfamiliar faces taking the test. Some three or four I haven't seen at any lectures or any labs. If they pass, it's because they read the course materials on the web site. How long before the materials on the web site are all there is, and lectures are deemed unnecessary?

Progress tests. Damned right it does!

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