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4:37pm on Friday, 2nd December, 2005:

A Third


Only a third of EE314 students bothered to turn up to the lecture today, and two of those were late.

Part of the reason, I suspect, is that they all have to hand in a project report today and some have only just got around to writing it. There may also be one or two who have decided to head home to somewhere foreign early, so as to avoid the more expensive air fares you get nearer Christmas. Of course, they'd maybe think twice about not showing up to lectures if the slides weren't available for them to peruse at their leisure on the campus intranet...

When I was an undergraduate, I attended every single lecture, class and laboratory I was scheduled to attend. You get much more out of lectures when you attend them than you do when you merely have copies of the slides or other people's notes. I'm going to have to start saying things in the lecture that aren't on the slides, then asking examination questions about them.

Only a third. Damn their scurvy hides!

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