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7:47am on Wednesday, 2nd November, 2005:



Essex University has a monthly news magazine (or "fascist mouthpiece", as it was known when I was an undergraduate) called Wyvern. November's issue has a nice compositing effect on page 7, wherein the only photo on the page surmounts a rather unfortunate headline from the article below:

Elsewhere in the issue, we learn that there's a new teaching fellow called Vicki-Jo Porteous-Butler. I expect the poor woman is used to remarks about how it looks like Vicki Butler has Jo Porteous squatting in her name, but I find myself wondering if she has a double-barrelled middle name, too. The only other person I've come across with two double-barelled names didn't, but you never know.

I'll have to watch Wyvern more closely in future; it looks like it could be a potential seam of bloggable nuggets for me to mine.

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