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8:15am on Tuesday, 2nd August, 2005:

Burning Bright


I went to Colchester zoo yesterday with my younger daughter. The entry price was £13 for me, £7 for her (well, 1p short in both cases). I knew zoos were expensive, but blimey...

Actually, it wasn't bad. They've got some nice, wide pens for some of the animals now, and raised walkways so you can look at things without having to peer through wire or glass that people have put their greasy hands on.

Of course, it wasn't perfect:

I know there are people who complain that keeping animals in captivity is cruel, but I hadn't realised that this cruelty extended to tormenting them with bad punctuation.

Some "tiger facts" that we were told by the zoo:

Zoos, they're so educational.

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