Welcome to youhaventlived.com!

This is currently acting as a satellite for Richard Bartle's sprawling web site. Located here at the moment are:
QBlog My personal blog.
Spunky Princess A JavaScript game.
Spymaster A JavaScript game.
Thugs in Tutus A JavaScript game.
Teenage Daughter's Bedroom A JavaScript game.
Eggs with Legs A JavaScript game.
The Maze Machine A JavaScript maze-generator.
Haikumatic A JavaScript Haiku-generator.
Dr Livingstone, I Presume? A reskinned Spunky Princess.
MinionHack A reskinned Spymaster.
A Post-Modernist Essay Deconstruction constructed.
Stereoscopic photos Pairs of pictures you can see in 3D if you cross your eyes right.
Knights of the Dinner Table Cartoons.
INsightflames A science fantasy novel.
Bartle.info A genealogy site for people with my surname.
School Yarns and Howlers Scans of the funniest 50 pages of a book I've ever read.
The Solo Dungeon A choose-your-own-adventure style game of mine for D&D type rules, published in 1978.

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