This is Mog. She is the leader of the group. Her lack of intelligence is no obstacle.


This is Tilly, Mog's best friend. They live in the same house, with Squeak the mouse. Tilly is meant to be a tabby - honest!


This is Mitsy. She is a posh cat who lives across the road from Mog and Tilly. Her eyeshadow is always changing colour.


This is Mutt the dog. He lives next door to Mog and Tilly and is always on hand to help. He is a dalmation.


This is Squeak. Poor Squeak lives with two cats, but they're not very clever so he's OK! He might get eaten some day, maybe.


This is Foxi. He sometimes visits Mog and Tilly. Although, he tries to be friends, no-one trusts him because he eats the chickens.


Now that you know who everyone is, here are my cartoons!

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