Joseph MOODY


Father:  Joseph TWIDALE
Mother:  Ann MOODY


Date:    1802
Place:   Laxton, Notts.


Date:    9 JAN 1803
Place:   Laxton, Notts.


Spouse:  Mary HEWITT
Date:    25 SEP 1825
Place:   Laxton, Notts.
witness John Burkitt
Child 1: George MOODY
Child 2: William MOODY
Child 3: Joseph MOODY
Child 4: Hannah MOODY
Child 5: Samuel MOODY
Child 6: Fanny MOODY
Child 7: Elizabeth MOODY
Child 8: Henry MOODY
Child 9: Mary MOODY
Child 10: Mary MOODY
Child 11: Ann MOODY
Child 12: Jane MOODY
Child 13: Benjamin MOODY
Child 14: Harriott MOODY


Date:    28 FEB 1881
Place:   Laxton, Notts. M.I. aged 78


Date:    1881
Place:   Laxton, Notts.


1834 admitted to tenancy of grandfather, Benjamin Moody, Laxton
Manor Court.1840s Common Grass Lettings, Laxton. 1841-71 Census
Laxton, cottager and molecatcher with 9 acres. 1862 Survey of
Laxton notes house and describes character as 'industrious'.
Rent 17 19s 4d for 9a 3r 33p. (copy in file) See Laxton Surveys
of 1789 and 1812 for continuity of family holding. House still
exists next to churchyard, opposite Dovecote Inn. Illegitimate
son of Ann Moody and Joseph Twidale. Bastardy bond for 1802.
Sources NAO & NUMD

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