Francis WHITE


Father:  Francis WHITE
Mother:  Elizabeth SALLMON


Date:    ABT 1673
Place:   Laxton, Notts.

marriage 1

Spouse:  Elizabeth TAYLOR
Date:    6 MAY 1707
Place:   Laxton, Notts.
Child 1: Francis WHITE
Child 2: John WHITE
Child 3: Thomas WHITE

marriage 2

Date:    21 FEB 1721
Place:   Laxton, Notts.
Child 1: Elizabeth WHITE
Child 2: James WHITE
Child 3: Francis WHITE


Date:    11 APR 1737
Place:   Copthorne, Laxton, Notts.


Date:    APR 1737
Place:   Laxton, Notts. M.I. aged 63


1714 Purchased a close in Moorhouse (NUMD M5448 - later in
occupation of John White Clarke). 1714,1715 Juryman, Laxton
Manor Court. 1717, presented to manor court for' takingdown ye
East Ing Gate and breaking same' fined 6d. 1729 took tenancy of
Copthorne farm. Had nine and a half acre freehold in Moorhouse.
1732 Constable of Laxton. (See Notts Univ. Mss. Dept and parish
records NAO)

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