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9:11am on Friday, 13th July, 2018:

True Story


A few years ago I came across a cartoon from Saturday Morning Breakfast Club that I liked, so I saved a local copy on my work PC. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line when I was rationalising where I put things on my work PC, I lost it.

Yesterday, I decided to try to track it down. It didn't show up in Ohnorobot, so I had to look for it manually. I figured it was about 5 years old, so starting 1st January 2013 I looked through every SMBC cartoon in order of appearance. Several hours later, when I got to 2017, I accepted that I'd missed it. I went back to 1st January 2011 and started searching from there.

Needless to say, another hour or two later I finally found it on 14th December 2012 — a mere 19 days before I began my initial search.

This is the particular panel I wanted it for, to use in one of my lectures.

I might see about licensing it for the cover of my How to be a God book (if I ever get to finish it), too.

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