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9:20am on Wednesday, 22nd November, 2017:

Rail Commute


I had my first experience of commuter woes yesterday. The train I boarded was so crowded that I had to stand until I got to Chelmsford (half-way through the journey). I managed to get a seat from one of the Chelmsford commuters who got off, but the train stayed still for 5 minutes before it was anounced that the "unit" had failed and we all had to get off. I boarded the next train, along with everyone else who got off, and again had to stand for half the journey (to Witham).

This morning, I found that themagnetix strip on my train ticket had stopped working, so now I have to show the ticket every time I use it. The other things with magnetic strips in the same pocket are fine, it's just the train ticket that's stopped working. I can see how this coulc be quite annoying if I had to use it for another six months, but it only lasts until the weekend so it's tolerable.

That whole "inconvenient but tolerable" metric pervades the whole of the railway network in the UK. I've heard before tht the British are so tolerant because they have to be to put up with the weather. Now, I'm wondering if the public transport system might play a role, too.

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