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11:17am on Saturday, 18th June, 2016:



Every time I drive down the A1 from up north, just beyond Newark I see this view on the left:

Every time, I wonder what that tower is.

This time, I've actually looked it up.

It turns out it's a water tower from a former hospital, built in the 1930s. The village of Fernwood (a modern development, hence the computer-generated name) was built on the site.

The Fernwood tower has some striking similarities with the Jumbo water tower in Colchester: it's in need of costly repairs; the locals want to keep it for sentimental reasons; all the suggested uses for it are feeble except the ones that the locals don't like; and there's a stand-off that will only end when the building falls down.

If I hadn't looked it up, I'd have guessed it was a church.

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