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6:57pm on Wednesday, 13th November, 2013:

On Camera


I was supposed to be being interviewed by the BBC some time this week for a documentary about, er, marketing or something, but they never got back to me even though I kept three days clear. Instead, I made a video for the Kickstarter campaign that'll be starting up soon for a boardgame I designed, The Hopefuls.

I say "made a video", but actually I just attempted to repeat about a dozen paragraphs in a reasonably cogent fashion four times. The video will be made from this footage by a nice young man called Nick. I will come out looking vaguely mad an insincere, because garbage in, garbage out. (I'm not insincere about the game, just about the "no, this isn't scripted, no, not at all" conceit).

I've been invited to contribute to maybe 10 or 12 Kickstarter videos in the past couple of years, but I had to turn them down because I had an agreement with the person who invited me first — he asked me to hold off until his campaign launched. This was the one that involved standing in the cold and damp in a ruined abbey in Colchester for 3 hours in the dead of night to get 20 seconds of footage. It took so long my hair grew and I had to get it cut so it looked like it did when I started.

Anyway, that campaign still hasn't launched. My agreement was to give him "reasonable" time. I think an 18-month delay is reasonable, so I agreed to front the video for The Hopefuls.

In neither case was I allowed to be extemporaneous or to drift much from the script. It turns out that the kind of people who invest money in games on Kickstarter aren't impressed by humour.

This is so going to be embarrassing...

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