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2:06pm on Sunday, 9th June, 2013:

I've Been Here Before...


[7/6/13 10:15] I woke up at 3am with indigestion. I didn't have any anti-indigestion tablets with me, but my bet that two strips of Galaxy chocolate would get rid of the excess stomach acid paid off. I went back into a peacdeful sleep.

This peaceful sleep was supposed to end at 6:45am when my alarm clock went off. It didn't. It was a brand new one, too. I'd tested it, so I knew it worked. Maybe it did go off but I didn't hear its feeble melody?

Either way, I didn't wake up until 9:20 — five minutes after the bus had left for the conference. I was heading for the bathroom when one of the conference organisers called to find out what had happened. She said she'd wait for me downstairs if I could get there withing five minutes, but then she'd have to go to do stuff at the conference.

No shower, no shave, no teethbrushing... Still, I made it and we went by taxi.

The only other time this had happened was at a conference in Singapore. Maybe it's something to do with oriental weather.

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