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6:32pm on Sunday, 7th October, 2012:

Reading the Signs


My wife and I went to Bristol this weekend, visiting our elder daughter (well, dumping three bags of apples on her to be honest). We stayed overnight in a Best Western hotel very close to where she lives.

This morning, I decided to have a shower. This is one of those hotels where the shower is above the bath, so you stand in the bath and switch on the shower. I noticed there was a chip in the enamel of the bath at the bottom, about a quarter of the way along from the plug.

I switched on the water. In terms of temperature, it allowed for some graduation.In terms of power, it was binary: off or rocket speed. It shot out, taking the shower head with it. Fortunately, the shower head missed me but it did land in the bath with a very loud clank. That explains the chip, then.

I managed to push it back on, probably helped by the expansion of the pipe caused by the hotness of the water. Whoever has a shower there next had better watch out, though.

No, I didn't report it. As English law seems to assume that every item on the Internet is read by everyone and must be treated with full seriousness, this blog posting should be sufficient to spread the word...

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