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4:12pm on Tuesday, 13th December, 2011:

Misleading the Public


The economy may be all going to shot, but what has the Daily Mirror gone with for its front-page news story for the past two days? Yes, that's right: the revelation that the BBC show Frozen Planet used some footage from a zoo instead of tracking down a wild polar bear and cubs to film. The Mirror is outraged — and so are its readers! Here are some of the tweets on the subject that were published in the newspaper today:

Hmm, that first one there looks a little long. Let's count the characters:

227. Someone managed to send a tweet with 227 characters in it? Yes, I know there are ways to exceed 140 characters by using links or chunking, but the Mirror hasn't told us that: they've presented it as if it were a single tweet. So a tweet complaining about artifice in TV shows is itself an artifice as presented.

As the second tweet listed says, "You just can't believe anything you see nowadays".

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