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4:24pm on Friday, 4th March, 2011:



Occasionally, when my wife comes home from London there are people handing out free samples of stuff at Liverpool Street station. She usually takes these and eats them. Not all of these are edible, though. Some are supposed to be edible but are so vile they can only be described as "health foods". Some are not supposed to be edible. Anything inedible, she brings home.

Earlier this week, she was given just such an inedible sample: a Wilkinson's Sword Hydro 5 razor. This morning, I tried it: it's actually pretty good. My face came out of it less battle-scarred than it normally does following an encounter with a wet shave razor. I could smile and blood didn't appear.

Anyway, this isn't so much about the razor as the packaging. The razor has this feature called a "flip trimmer", in which you can rotate part of the head to take off the lubricating shield and get close-up control over precisely which part of your skin you wish to lacerate. It's meant for trimming sideburns. Here's the picture of it in action from the box:

So ... trimmed sideburns are in fashion for women at the moment?

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