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5:35pm on Wednesday, 17th March, 2010:

Crocus Time


It's crocus time in our garden — only a few weeks later than usual.

Every year, my younger daughter and I plant a hundred or more crocus bulbs in the garden. Some thrive, some don't, but over the time we've lived here we've got several patches started.

Here are the crocuses that were already planted when we moved in 15 years ago:

These are some in a circle on a patch where we once had a bonfire. Those are daffodils coming up in the middle:

These were planted 2 years ago in a space where we used to have a bush. My father-in-law took a dislike to the bush, hence the space:

This is a bunch in the flowerbed. They're very visible from the house, and the number of crocuses present gets bigger every year:

At the front of the house we have some white crocuses bordering a patch of grass:

We have some gold ones bordering a different patch, but the photo didn't come out in focus and the flowers have gone in now because it's getting dark.

We even have some crocuses in among the snowdrops that live in the wall (the wall that my wife and father-in-law knock down when turning into the drive):

These are the crocuses we planted in November last year, new for this year:

Oh well, you can't win them all...

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