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6:19pm on Tuesday, 18th August, 2009:

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Well, we're back in England now. This time next week, the blisters on my feet will probably have completely gone.

As a final Paris QBlog entry, here's a snap of two fridge magnets we bought for our younger daughter, Madeleine:

The bane of Madeleine's life is that people can't spell her name. She gets Madeline, Maddeline, Madeliene, Madalaine and, yes, Madelaine, plus uncountable strange variations. However, it's actually Madeleine, which is indeed the proper way to spell the name (it's from the French). Thus, when we went to Paris, she was quite excited at the prospect of seeing her name everywhere.

Now you might have thought that given there's a huge church in Paris called La Madeleine, outside of which is a Boulevard de la Madeleine and a Metro station called Madeleine and dozens of shops and restaurants and opticians called <whatever> Madeleine, the manufacturers of a fridge magnet with the name of the square on it might have found the word easy to spell. Nevertheless, they still managed to screw it up.

It was mis-spelled in most shops. We eventually found one that spelled it properly, thank goodness; otherwise, I'd have had to have gone out in the dead of night and stolen one of the actual signs off a wall, just to stop my daughter from going crazy...

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