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8:31am on Monday, 2nd March, 2009:

Waiting for Rain


I got my wife something yesterday.

What I got her was off my back. She's been moaning for weeks that the car needs a wash, so yesterday I washed it. Normally, I only wash the outside, but the windscreen was kinda dusty inside, too, so I washed that. Then I went over it in some window-shining stuff we've had for years called Sparkle (I'd link to it, but every window cleaning company in the world seems to call itself "Sparkle" so I'll leave it as an exercise).

Then, having had impressive results inside, I noticed how unsparkly the outside was, so I cleaned the outside of the windscreen with it, too.

Hmm, the thing is, it's only supposed to be for interior use. I'm guessing that when it gets water on it, Strange Things happen. If it rains, maybe every individual raindrop will change into a small bubble that the wipers will smear across the screen in a smudge of grease. I could run into the back of a truck or off a cliff that I haven't seen coming.

I'm driving to Portsmouth tomorrow, for an External Examiner meeting on Wednesday. If it rains and you never hear from me again, you know why etc..

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