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2:02pm on Thursday, 13th September, 2007:

Out of Order


I received an email from Amazon today, telling me about the progress (or lack of it) in delivering an order of 14 books I made a few weeks ago. It seems that not every books has arrived from the distributors yet, but not to worry, a range of delivery dates was supplied. I know I'll be able to get all the books I ordered by 13th February 2008 at the latest.

What the purple blazes?!

Looking down the list, it would seem I could get 13 of the books RIGHT NOW, there's only one of them being held up. Only, because I'd checked the box that said to lump then up into "as few deliveries as possible", they haven't been sent.

If, by "as few deliveries as possible" they mean "one delivery", they should say "one delivery", not "as few deliveries as possible".

Mutter ... grumble ... I deleted the errant book from the order and hope to get the rest shortly.

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