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9:27pm on Monday, 30th October, 2006:

The Man in the White Coat


I was taking the looooong walk from gate 31 to gate 8 here at JFK airport, when a guy in a long, white coat, a trilby, a blue nose stud and idiosyncratic sunglasses walked out of a shop to look at an arrivals screen. He was oblivious to the fact that there were other people around, and it was all I could to to avoid walking into him.

I later found myself next to him in the security queue. He was Sean Lennon, best known for having better known parents.

He had to take off his inch-too-long pointed shoes, along with his white coat (he kept on the hat), and go through security like the rest of us. I've no idea where he went afterwards, though.

He has an Apple laptop, which I guess means there's no hard feelings over the trademark situation. Oh, and his mobile phone has some nondescript tune as a ringtone; I'm hoping it's not one of his.

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